Notable Cases

* Successful H-1B Petition for Quality Engineer for Medical Devices Developer/Manufacturer – February 2019.   Attorney Winkowski represented a Medical Devices Developer/ Manufacturer in its petition to classify a Chemical Engineer for an H-1B level specialty occupation as a Quality Engineer.  The company is developing/manufacturing an ophthalmological optical scanner for the early detection of strabismus and amblyopia in young children, a potentially sight-saving device for hundreds of thousands of children.

* Successful P-1 Visa Petition for Grammy Award Winning Rock/Jazz Fusion Band – Blood, Sweat & Tears.  Attorney Winkowski represented the internationally renowned band in it successful visa petition to bring world class drummer, Dylan Elise, to the U.S. to join the band’s “No Primadonnas No Passengers” world tour.  Multi Grammy Award winners, Blood, Sweat & Tears has a storied place in rock and roll history and is now fronted by “American Idol” star Bo Bice.

* Client convicted of New York Vehicular Manslaughter in the 2nd Degree. USCIS took the position that client was ineligible to naturalize due to a conviction for an aggravated felony. Attorney Winkowski successfully argued that his client had not been convicted of a crime of violence and thus not an aggravated felony.  Result: Successfully naturalized to U.S. citizenship.

* Client convicted of Insurance Fraud in Massachusetts.  Conviction made client deportable from U.S.  Attorney Winkowski recommended client apply for U.S. citizenship.  Result: Successfully naturalized to U.S. citizenship.

* Client was in the middle of Bankruptcy proceedings.  He was advised by other attorneys that he could not naturalize while in Bankruptcy.  Attorney Winkowski advised applying for citizenship.  Result:  Successfully naturalized to U.S. citizenship.

* Client cited and fined for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana in California.  Attorney Winkowski successfully argued to the USCIS that the California citation process was not a criminal conviction.  Result: Granted Lawful Permanent Resident Green Card without need for a waiver.

* Client denied Asylum due to 8 year delay in filing for Asylum. Withholding of Removal granted.  The Immigration Judge refused to grant Asylum however due to the 8 year delay in filing.  Attorney Winkowski appealed the denial of Asylum  to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Result: Appeal successful; Asylum Granted despite delay.

* Client inadmissible to the U.S. for having made three fraudulent entries to the U.S. with a false passport.  Client applied for Adjustment of Status and sought a waiver of his frauds.  Result: Waiver granted and client granted Green Card.

* Attorney Winkowski has represented numerous clients in good faith marriages to U.S. citizens but who have separated before the Adjustment of Status interview. Results: Granted Green Cards.

* Attorney Winkowski has represented numerous individuals in cases involving the Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”).  Many of these cases have involved highly sensitive issues, difficult fact patterns, and terrified and/or deeply traumatized victims.  Sensitive and effective presentation has resulted in Green Cards for these applicants.

And, there are many more similar results.